Create basslines quickly and easily using AI

BassNet - Using AI to create basslines with personality

BassNet is an AI tool for generating basslines for your music projects. Starting from an audio file - a song idea, a single instrument, a whole band, within seconds you can create and explore different basslines. Unlike any other music generation tool on the market, BassNet does more than follow a musical pattern: the AI generates basslines based on the style of the input. With BassNet you can easily create bass tracks with various personalities and use what inspires. BassNet is developed by Music Team at Sony Computer Science Laboratories - Paris (Sony CSL - Paris).

BassNet overview

Diagram showing how BassNet generates audio output from a track that is used as input

BassNet is a diffusion model for generating bass guitar-like waveforms to use as basslines for music production.

In a nutshell, the model is trained to sculpt the waveforms from white noise. The trained model can then be used to create basslines using a sequence of denoising steps.

BassNet uses existing mixed audio as conditioning information for generation. During training, the model learns to infer aspects like rhythm, pitch/tonality, instrument sound, effects, and playing style for the bassline from the conditioning audio.

BassNet generates audio output that can be directly exported for use in a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), and can also export the corresponding MIDI sequence to control virtual instruments.

Watch a video tutorial on how to get started with BassNet

It's like BassNet listens to your music and works like a seasoned professional bass player, generating basslines with personality.

Follow these three steps to getting great basslines quickly:

1. Upload your music tracks

Upload an audio file: from a whole song to a fragment of a melody.

You can upload more than one track at a time (as audio stems).

2. Let the AI generate a bassline

  1. Let AI analyze your track and generate a bassline. Listen to the result alongside your uploaded track.
  2. Re-generate to produce other possibilities, or explore basslines with different personalities by selecting another position in the control plane.

3. Download your favorite bassline

You can download any of the basslines you generated and load them straight into your project.

Why use BassNet

State-of-the-art algorithms

Large data set and algorithms developed by Sony.

Use AI to enhance your creativity

Effortlessly create basslines that fit your track. Take advantage of AI to move your songs in directions you are inspired by.

Easy-to-use web application

Intuitive user interface to generate any number basslines, each with a different style and personality.

Who will use BassNet

Macro image of a mixing console
Audio marketplaces
  • Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software companies
  • Audio/MIDI loop suppliers
Musicians working in a studio
Professional audio makers
  • Sound engineers
  • Musicians, DJs, Producers
  • Film and game producers
Musician with headphones playing a musical keyboard and recording it on his laptop
Audio solution providers
  • Audio software developers/Product owners
  • Music and technology researchers
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The research behind BassNet

The creators of BassNet are from Sony Computer Science Laboratories - Paris (Sony CSL - Paris) - a research laboratory working on artificial intelligence applied to such areas as language, music, creativity, and sustainability.

The team is engaged in research into how to augment human capacity for music creation using cutting-edge machine learning algorithms. As part of this, the team is interested in how we might generate music from any material so as to expand the universality of the language of music.

For more information about Sony CSL - Paris, please Contact Us.