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Not just train and evaluate.
You can design neural networks with fast and intuitive GUI.

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The New Deep Learning Experience

The Neural Network Console is the ultimate tool for deep learning developers as it provides an elegant user interface to design, train and evaluate neural network models. Deep learning technologies deserve to be used in practice more widely. This has been our anticipation since 2010, when we have started research and development involving deep learning, and continued to see its powers since then.

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Neural Network Console App

for Windows 8.1/10_64bit/11_64bit

You can install the Neural Network Console App on your Windows PC, and run deep learning in your local environment. Free download is available. Try it yourself.

Installer for Windows 10 and 11



Release date





Release date


Do you have trouble signing in with your Sony account?

Please select go to and select "Get started right now". Check if you get the same error there when logging in with your Sony account. If that is the case, please contact us.

If you are able to log in from your browser, please follow these steps:

  1. In the Account tab of Neural Network Console Windows, press "Get Login Token".
  2. Log in on the webpage.
  3. Copy the token displayed on the the webpage into Neural Network Console Windows.
Installer for Windows 8

Please use the old version because the latest version does not work on Windows 8.



Release date





Release date


Redistribution of the installer is prohibited.

Please download the installer by yourself.

About warning messages

The following warning message may be displayed when executing the downloaded exe file (the content of the message may differ depending on the OS version)."Windows protected your PC Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk." If this message is displayed, perform the following operations:

  1. Click "More info" on the message screen
  2. Click the "Run anyway" button

Neural Network Console Cloud

Deep learning is now available anywhere and anytime, with rich amount of resources on the cloud. From the rich computing resources such as GPU, you can choose your proper resource according to your purpose.

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Neural Network Console

Design neural networks with fast and intuitive GUI.

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Prediction One

Software for automatically performing advanced predictive analytics based on historical data without needing any specialized skills.

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Neural Networks Libraries

An open source software to make research, development and implementation of neural network more efficient.